Easter Celebrations – Part 3 – Gift Baskets

Another fun part of Easter. Probably the kids favorite part, presents! I try to think of things that are not candy, because they already get candy in their eggs. Here is what I included this year in Joy and Deano’s baskets. Next year Teddy will get one too.

Opening Easter baskets

Joy’s basket:

  • Trolls figurines (Poppy and Branch)
  • Frozen Elsa kite
  • Melissa & Doug On the Go color book (Love these!)
  • Milk Chocolate Cross
  • Ring Pop suckers

Deano’s basket:

  • Trolls movie
  • TMNT kite
  • Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow book
  • Milk Chocolate Cross
  • Ring Pop suckers

I absolutely love the Melissa and Doug On the Go Water Wow books. They are reusable. And the kids love them. They are great for busy bags, travelling, keeping busy at a restaurant, in the car, etc. I love that the pen stores in the book. They have other types as well that use magic markers. That is the kind I got for Joy. But I prefer the water books. They dry and then you can use them over and over.

This year I did kites and Trolls. The kids love the movie Trolls, and Joy was asking for a kite after seeing a kid in the park with one. I also like to give them a chocolate cross instead of a bunny. A reminder of what the true meaning of Easter is.



Some other non-food ideas for your kids. Depending on age, they may not all be enjoyable. These are a few. But really, whatever your child enjoys, can go in.

  • bubbles
  • chalk
  • flip flops
  • books
  • card games
  • dolls/animals
  • jump robe
  • kites
  • roller skates
  • clothes
  • Bibles
  • beach towel
  • movie
  • legos

2 thoughts on “Easter Celebrations – Part 3 – Gift Baskets

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Laura! Did you give them to them already! I like chocolate cross idea. Where did you get it? Great way to emphasize true meaning, while capitalizing on kids’ candy obsession.


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