He is Risen! Easter Celebrations Part 4


I love Easter. I love getting to buy cute new outfits for the kids, and myself. But mostly I love church on Easter. It is always full of people, all dressed in their best. The worship and sermon are the best. This year our pastor delivered a sermon that will stick with me for awhile. We had been studying the story and life of Abraham over the last few weeks. Well this Sunday we looked at the story of Abraham and Issac. When God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son. The pastor revealed a lot of parallels in the story of Abraham and Issac to that of Jesus on the cross.

I loved how God knew the big picture of what Jesus would do for us so many years later. Here are a few correlations. Find the sermon here .

  1. Abraham and Issac traveled for 3 days, on the 3rd day is when they came to the place God determined. (Jesus was in the tomb for 3 days and then rose again)
  2. The place where Abraham built the alter was the same sight that the temple in Jerusalem was later built by King Solomon. (The curtain in this temple was torn when Jesus died)
  3. Abraham laid the wood for the altar on Issac to carry up the hill. (Jesus carried his cross up the hill to where he was to be slain for our sins)
  4. Issac was a willing participant (Jesus was also a willing participant)
  5. God provided a ram as a sacrifice so Issac would not be slain (Jesus was the lamb that was slain so we would not have to pay the punishment for our sins)

Just a few things that I will remember for a long time. What a neat reminder at Easter time. Jesus was willing to go to the cross for us. Us and all our screwed up problems and petty issues. Thanks Jesus!

After a beautiful service we went to my parents house for lunch and then over to my in-laws for a few hours also. A busy day, but a glorious day!


It was so lovely to spend time with family. And my hubby and dad were twins! Same exact shirt brand. 🙂 Baby Teddy was not impressed he was wearing pink and a bowtie!


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