My Worst Day

To me, writing is therapeutic. You may wonder why I would want to share this experience. I debated not writing about it, but for me, I can process better through written word. And I never want anyone else to experience what I did.

December 11, 2017 ┬ástarted like any normal day. We played, had lunch, did some grocery shopping. A normal day as a Stay at Home Mom. In the afternoon I put Deano and Teddy in the bathtub for a little water play/quick bath. I stepped out of the bathroom for a few minutes to open the front door. My mom was dropping something off. I heard Deano yelling something so I went to check on the boys after only being gone a few minutes, that was when my worst day began. Continue reading “My Worst Day”


Clean Eating

This week I decided to get serious about my health. After having three kids in 3.5 years I was weighing much more than I cared to be. I had gotten into a bad routine of eating whatever the kids ate. Example – if they didn’t finish all their nuggets or fries, I would eat them, even if I wasn’t hungry, simply because I didn’t want to throw them away.

Being an Argonne consultant and always promoting our Clean Eating Challenge, I thought I should get serious and give it a real try. I am currently on Day 3. It has been hard so far. Cutting out sugar, and gluten, and dairy. Our Arbonne group provides us with delicious recipes, meal plans, shake recipes, etc.

This morning I made a chocolate shake that tastes remarkably similar to a thin mint cookie. So if you think of me, send me good thoughts so I don’t cheat on my diet.

Here’s my thin mint shake recipe:

  • 2 scoops Arbonne chocolate powder
  • 1/2 scoop Arbonne fiber powder
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 fresh avocado
  • splash of peppermint extract
  • fill cup rest of way with water
  • blend and enjoy!

If you would like to participate in a clean eating challenge we have a new group starting on the first Monday of every month. You can also shop directly. Check out the Arbonne nutrition ASVP which is an incredible deal for Preferred Clients! Shop small, shop local at



When you feel like a failure….

Have you had a day as mama when you feel like you have completely failed as a parent? I do. A lot. More than I care to admit truly. Well, today was one of those days. I attended a moms group this morning, which was uplifting. But then I had one of my worst days of parenting ever. I was short tempered, and everything they did seemed to bother me. To make matters worse, I was babysitting two kids of a friend. The combined chaos of 5 little kids under the age of 5 was almost to much to handle.

So mamas. What do you do? How do you make it through a difficult day? What are your tricks for dealing with difficult kids? Or maybe just mama pms.




Yesterday when I woke up my phone screen looked a bit different. It had 2 giant green streaks down the screen. Those streaks eventually turned black and took over most of the screen, thus rendering my phone completely out of action. But I have to say, it has been kind of nice to be off the grid, unplugged. I have had more time to notice how my 4 year old Joy has developed a huge love for rocks. Any kind of rock. We cannot go outside without her finding 1 or 5 little rocks she has to bring home.

I even baked a pie today. Peach. My absolute favorite. Normally when making dinner or cleaning up the kitchen I would have my phone on playing music or a podcast, or maybe catching up on the next episode of Blue Bloods on Netflix. But today it was quiet. Well, as quiet as it could be with 3 little minions running around, all clamoring for my attention.

I have really enjoyed not feeling like I need to check out my Facebook feed or text messages. To not have any additional distractions when with my kids. I am sad about losing all my photos and not having my calendar at my finger tips. That has been a bit of a challenge. Thankfully I did not have anything too pressing this week/weekend.

I do plan to get another phone soon. But for now I will revel in the solitude of being unplugged.

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Earn Money as a SAHM

Are you a Stay at Home Mom who misses being able to make a little money herself? Or maybe you are a college student who could use a little extra spending money. Well I put together a little list of my 5 favorite ways to earn an extra buck.

  1. Donate Plasma

This is a new one for me, but I think it will be my new favorite. I recently became a plasma donor at BioLife Plasma Services. It was a great, clean, facility that even provides free childcare while you donate. I signed up during a special promotion so I will earn $300 with completion of my first 5 donations. After that it is $20 first donation $50 second donation within each week. So you can earn $70 each week or $280 each month. This is a great option for moms. As you can earn money, have a safe place on site for your children, and have an hour to yourself to read or watch a video on your phone. Just tell them LAURA WRIGHT sent you and I receive a $20 bonus. Then recruit your own friends and family and get your own bonus! You can get more information on Biolife HERE or to find a location near you. All your funds are loaded onto a reusable prepaid debit card.

Not only will you earn a little extra money, but you will help save lives in the process.


2. Taste Test Ice Cream

Yup. You read that correctly. This one is only for local Siouxland residents. Wells Enterprises, the makers of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Bomb Pop, and more are in need of individuals to come in and taste their ice cream. No joke. I actually use to work for Wells before I became a SAHM and run these panels. But now I get to sit on the other side of the window. For each session it takes about 45 minutes and you earn a $30 prepaid gift card.  You can sign up HERE. If you can eat ice cream and work a computer than you can be a taster. You must be able to get to Le Mars, IA for the tasting. I love getting to participate and try out the new flavors they are working on. And come on, is there a better way to earn $30 than eating ice cream?

Be a Taste Tester

3. Ibotta 

If you aren’t familiar with Ibotta rebate app, you should be. This has been a great way for our family to earn cash back on grocery items we already buy. And now that they include online retailers like and Amazon you can earn even more. I have been using Ibotta for a little over a year, and so far I have earned over $173 cash back on items I was going to buy anyways. Things like milk, eggs, bananas, pancake syrup, etc.  Use referral code gergdwu when you sign up to earn a bonus after you complete your first rebate. I also get a small referral bonus. See my actual earnings report below. It works!

All you do is select which retailer you are going to be shopping at; choose which items you plan to buy. Purchase your items, scan your receipt and items and DONE! Cash back can be redeemed as a gift card to all major retailers or as a payout to your venmo or paypal account. Sign up Here. Don’t forget to use code gergdwu.


4. Join my Arbonne team

I am an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International. Arbonne sells high quality products for every member of your family. Skincare, nutrition, baby products, even things for your beloved 4-legged family members. Your success with Arbonne is limited only to your own determination and willingness to try. Earn 4 ways, Commission, Overrides, Mercedes Benz cash program, Cash bonuses at every level of management.

I would love to have you join my team. You could totally rock this business. Unlike some MLM companies, you do not have monthly quotas to meet. If you have a slow month, that’s ok. Just start fresh next month! Join my team. You could earn enough to cover groceries, or your mortgage, or your kids sporting fees. Its up to you! Why not try it. You have nothing to lose!


5. Swagbacks

This is an app for your phone that will pay you to watch movie trailers, take surveys, and watch ads for major companies. I just signed up and have already earned a lot of Swagbacks. Each point earned essentially equals 1 penny. So 100 SB = $1. While this app won’t pay back a ton. It is something easy to do while killing time waiting in line or waiting for the doctor. Do on your own time. Earn as much as you want, it’s all based on you. Join my team.


Do you have a favorite way to earn money while staying home? Post your thoughts in the comments.

I’m a Millenial Mom

I found this picture on Facebook the other day and it got me thinking. 

How to be a parent in 2017: Make sure your children’s academic, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, physical, nutritional, and social needs are met while being careful not to over stimulate, under stimulate, improperly medicate, helicopter, or neglect them in a screen-free, processed foods-free, GMO-free, negative energy-free, plastic-free, body positive, socially conscious, egalitarian but also authoritative, nurturing but fostering of independence, gentle but not overally permissive, pesticide-free two-story, multilingual home, preferably in a cul-da-sac with a backyard and 1.5 siblingsspaced at least two years apart for proper development, also don’t forget the coconut oil. 

How to be a parent in literally every generation before ours: Feed them sometimes.

Being a mom is hard work. And everyone has an opinion on how to do it correctly. This post didn’t even touch on hot button issues like breastfeeding vs formula,  rear- facing car seats til age 5, cosleeping or letting them cry it out. 

How is a mom ever to feel like she is doing the right way of parenting? I know there are times I have felt like a total failure as a parent.  Then in a devotion I read this morning I saw this. 

If I get to the end of a long day and I’ve given each of my kids 12 hugs; I’m going to count that as an A+ Gold Star day! 

As parents in a world of information at our fingertips, we forget about the simplest things. Hugs. Giggles. Spending time together. So my advice to you fellow mom’s, just give your kids a hug. You are doing the most important job in the world and rocking it!

Leave a comment with your thoughts. 

Kindred Spirits

Have you seen the movie Anne of Green Gables? Anne longs to have a friend that is her kindred-spirit, and finds Diana. I long for that as well. A friend who knows what is in your heart without having to ask. I only really have 1 friend from high school that I keep up with, and 1 from college. But due to busy schedules and not living close. I rarely see either. My sisters are quite busy with their own families now to talk and get together very often. I started praying for God to place a woman or two in my life that I could share in life’s little moments with. Someone to call and complain about my day with. Someone to sit with on a summer night and drink a glass of wine while talking.  

God answered my prayer this summer in several ways. He has brought a few new relationships into my life that have been a huge blessing. Some have kids near my kids ages. Some are old acquaintances that have reached out and made effort to reconnect. 

I still think making friends at my age is harder than it was and is at Joy’s age. That girl makes new best friends everywhere we go. Why is that? We have more life experiences to share. But 5 year olds have such an innocence. An ease about meeting new people.

I feel as if I have been delivered from some of the sadness I felt at not having dear friends. God is moving for me; even in what seems like something little, friendships. 

My Review of Hello Fresh

{I have been not given anything for this review and all opinions are my own.}

Have you heard of Hello Fresh? It’s a weekly delivery service that sends quality fresh ingredients/ meals to your doorstep. You get to pick which meals you want for your family. Also choose between classic 2- Person or Family portion sizes. It costs on average $10/person per meal. They have vegetarian options as well. 

Recently I had a coupon to give Hello Fresh a try; $35 off my first box. Not a bad deal, ended up being about 60% off. I was excited to give it a try. As a busy mom of 3 kids aged one, three and five I liked the idea of having 3 dinners delivered to my door with the recipes and all the ingredients right there with minimal work on my part. Because my kids are picky eaters I decided to just order the dinner for 2 for my husband and I.

On this week’s menu I picked Gremolata Strip Steak, Sweet as Honey Chicken, and Thai Pork Stir-fry. That is one thing I really liked about this service. You are provided with a list of options for each week. Some are a premium and will have a slight up charge; as the steak dish did for me this week. But it just looked too good to pass up. I love the variety of the dinner entrees. Some were things that I wouldn’t normally make because the ingredients required were not what I had on hand.

Continue reading “My Review of Hello Fresh”

Lake weekend

It’s a cool Saturday morning as I sit at my in-laws lake cabin. The perfect casual weekend. My kids always always love our visits up here. They get to spend time with their cousins playing in the water. And I get to have a little breather also. As there are more adults around to help watch the little ones. 

I didn’t always enjoy our time here when the kids were younger. Our daughter wouldn’t sleep well when we were here. Too many distractions and different noises. That’s how Teddy is right now. But I’ve learned that taking time to be with family in a casual way is better than fussing over sleep routines. Attitudes seem to switch when we are up here; tempers seem fewer as the days are longer and the sun is warmer. 

So I will sit back, drink a cup of coffee and listen to the sound of the water lapping onto the bank and children playing. I can’t think of a better day. 

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