Why Sprouts, Sprites & Dinosaurs?

If you are reading my blog because you know me already, you may be wondering why I am starting a new blog with such an unusual name. As a Stay at Home mom I sometimes feel like there is something missing in my life. Everyone always tells me, you will never regret taking a few years off your career but you will regret missing out on those milestone moments with your babies, my little Sprouts. But I did miss it. Was that wrong? Is it wrong to miss being intellectually stimulated? Wrong to be have an outlet for your creative juices? Or a place to use your love of writing? I don’t think so.

Please do not get me wrong. I LOVE being home. Sleeping in a little late if the kids do, being woken up by smiles and hugs that do not always merit a mad dash out the door (though sometimes they do!) Having the ability to take my kids to the amazing program of Bible Study Fellowship because I am home during the day. My kids are my world. But I was feeling like I needed more. Now may not be the best time to start up a blog. I mean, Joy is 4.5, Deano is 2.5 and Teddy is 7 months old. They are more than enough to keep me busy, then add in laundry, dishes, meal prep, cleaning, and running from one activity to another. But I just felt like I needed something.  Continue reading “Why Sprouts, Sprites & Dinosaurs?”

Egg-Boil Challenge

Have you ever wondered the perfect way to hard boil an egg? I have. With Easter right around the corner, and my 4 year old Joy dying to dye eggs, I needed to find the best way.  I had seen some time ago that you could actually not boil a hard-boiled egg and get the same result by placing it in the oven. So I wanted to try this out. I Google searched for the answer. Lots of results. But one thing my dear old husband always says is to look for the most reviews and the highest stars. That led me to two recipes.


Continue reading “Egg-Boil Challenge”

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