Kindred Spirits

Have you seen the movie Anne of Green Gables? Anne longs to have a friend that is her kindred-spirit, and finds Diana. I long for that as well. A friend who knows what is in your heart without having to ask. I only really have 1 friend from high school that I keep up with, and 1 from college. But due to busy schedules and not living close. I rarely see either. My sisters are quite busy with their own families now to talk and get together very often. I started praying for God to place a woman or two in my life that I could share in life’s little moments with. Someone to call and complain about my day with. Someone to sit with on a summer night and drink a glass of wine while talking.  

God answered my prayer this summer in several ways. He has brought a few new relationships into my life that have been a huge blessing. Some have kids near my kids ages. Some are old acquaintances that have reached out and made effort to reconnect. 

I still think making friends at my age is harder than it was and is at Joy’s age. That girl makes new best friends everywhere we go. Why is that? We have more life experiences to share. But 5 year olds have such an innocence. An ease about meeting new people.

I feel as if I have been delivered from some of the sadness I felt at not having dear friends. God is moving for me; even in what seems like something little, friendships. 


My Review of Hello Fresh

{I have been not given anything for this review and all opinions are my own.}

Have you heard of Hello Fresh? It’s a weekly delivery service that sends quality fresh ingredients/ meals to your doorstep. You get to pick which meals you want for your family. Also choose between classic 2- Person or Family portion sizes. It costs on average $10/person per meal. They have vegetarian options as well. 

Recently I had a coupon to give Hello Fresh a try; $35 off my first box. Not a bad deal, ended up being about 60% off. I was excited to give it a try. As a busy mom of 3 kids aged one, three and five I liked the idea of having 3 dinners delivered to my door with the recipes and all the ingredients right there with minimal work on my part. Because my kids are picky eaters I decided to just order the dinner for 2 for my husband and I.

On this week’s menu I picked Gremolata Strip Steak, Sweet as Honey Chicken, and Thai Pork Stir-fry. That is one thing I really liked about this service. You are provided with a list of options for each week. Some are a premium and will have a slight up charge; as the steak dish did for me this week. But it just looked too good to pass up. I love the variety of the dinner entrees. Some were things that I wouldn’t normally make because the ingredients required were not what I had on hand.

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Lake weekend

It’s a cool Saturday morning as I sit at my in-laws lake cabin. The perfect casual weekend. My kids always always love our visits up here. They get to spend time with their cousins playing in the water. And I get to have a little breather also. As there are more adults around to help watch the little ones. 

I didn’t always enjoy our time here when the kids were younger. Our daughter wouldn’t sleep well when we were here. Too many distractions and different noises. That’s how Teddy is right now. But I’ve learned that taking time to be with family in a casual way is better than fussing over sleep routines. Attitudes seem to switch when we are up here; tempers seem fewer as the days are longer and the sun is warmer. 

So I will sit back, drink a cup of coffee and listen to the sound of the water lapping onto the bank and children playing. I can’t think of a better day. 

Surviving Breastfeeding 

3 kids in 4 years. And only 1 have I successfully been able to breastfeed. This is my story. So many women struggle with breastfeeding, myself included, but many are afraid to talk about it. Why? Why is it so hard to share our struggles with others? Let them help carry your burden. I loved BF my 3rd but hated it the first 2 times. I earned a few badges along the way. 

Not my kid by the way. Just thought it was too cute.
First, let me tell you that if you couldn’t breastfeed, struggled, or chose not you are NOT a failure. That is how I felt with Joy. Joy was in the NICU for almost 3 weeks and they said she was allergic to my milk. Seriously?! How is it that possible? I thought a mother’s milk was Liquid Gold. Well I went through some serious mom guilt and a bit of post partum depression that my new beautiful baby girl was drinking formula. 

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Spontaneous Family Road Trip

Wow! What a fun weekend this was. Saturday morning after Joys t- ball game my dear husband said “let’s go to Rapid City! ” my first thought was he’s crazy. But what the heck!  It took us about 2 hours to pack up the van and hit the road. We brought along our tent. Our hope was to keep it as budget friendly as possible.

Day 1 – Lots of driving. A stop at Wall Drug was a necessity I thought. I was wrong. We ate dinner at Badlands Bar and Grille. Terrible choice. Food was bland, service was slow. They even lost the ticket that had the kids food on it so it twice as long to feed the kids. Never a good sign. We should have found a different restaurant when they said they didn’t have kids menus. I had wanted to go into the actually Wall Drug. But the restaurant took way too long and we needed to get to a campground.

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Birthday Week

Wow. I am 28. When did that happen? I still feel like I should be celebrating my 21st birthday this year. Young, stupid, and hardly a care in the world. This has been an interesting week.
Last Sunday night I developed a severe case of mastitis. Yikes was that one of the worst experiences of my life. Super painful, and of course Teddy didn’t want to take a bottle, he only wanted mom. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Thankfully my mom and dad were able to watch my kids for an afternoon so I could get a nap in. 

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Woodland Baby Shower

I am so excited to share this post with you! My dear older sister Lisa is getting ready to have her first baby! Yay! I am hoping for a girl! My other sister and I had the privilege of throwing the shower. Well since my sisters do not live in town I am so grateful for Pinterest. We were able to plan and pick out all the things we liked on there. And just text back and forth. Yay technology! 😀

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Contentment in my Role

This morning I attended Bible Study Fellowship. I am so glad I did. Because I had not really wanted to go. It was cold and rainy, Teddy slept poorly last night and I was just tired.  Well, with BSF they hand out green sheets that have tips for Godly parenting. I dont always read them. But today I was drawn to it. And it was all God.

“God has a plan for your child, and your parenting can help your son or daughter discover God’s goal for his or her life.” Some days it is hard to remember that my children have a plan that God has destined for them. That when they are out of the barbie and dinosaur stage they will be maturing into the people God wants them to be. 

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