Surviving Breastfeeding 

3 kids in 4 years. And only 1 have I successfully been able to breastfeed. This is my story. So many women struggle with breastfeeding, myself included, but many are afraid to talk about it. Why? Why is it so hard to share our struggles with others? Let them help carry your burden. I loved BF my 3rd but hated it the first 2 times. I earned a few badges along the way. 

Not my kid by the way. Just thought it was too cute.
First, let me tell you that if you couldn’t breastfeed, struggled, or chose not you are NOT a failure. That is how I felt with Joy. Joy was in the NICU for almost 3 weeks and they said she was allergic to my milk. Seriously?! How is it that possible? I thought a mother’s milk was Liquid Gold. Well I went through some serious mom guilt and a bit of post partum depression that my new beautiful baby girl was drinking formula. 

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