Easter Celebrations – Part 2 – Egg Dyeing

I love dyeing eggs. It is such a fun activity. Especially on days as beautiful as today where we can do it outside so I don’t fret about dye water getting everywhere.  Continue reading “Easter Celebrations – Part 2 – Egg Dyeing”


Easter Celebrations – Part 1 – Egg Hunt

I love Easter. As a Christian, it is the most important day of the year. I love all the fun things that come with Easter celebrations. I love hiding eggs for the my kids, dying Easter eggs, the fun crafts that you can do to celebrate the holiday. Today we decided to do our egg hunt with the kids. We wanted to make sure that Sunday was all about the true meaning of Easter, Jesus.

Earlier this week Joy and I made Easter eggs out construction paper and crayons and put them up on our front door. Two days ago we boiled the eggs we will dye later. So the next fun thing is to hunt for eggs.


Egg-Boil Challenge

Have you ever wondered the perfect way to hard boil an egg? I have. With Easter right around the corner, and my 4 year old Joy dying to dye eggs, I needed to find the best way.  I had seen some time ago that you could actually not boil a hard-boiled egg and get the same result by placing it in the oven. So I wanted to try this out. I Google searched for the answer. Lots of results. But one thing my dear old husband always says is to look for the most reviews and the highest stars. That led me to two recipes.


Continue reading “Egg-Boil Challenge”

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