Woodland Baby Shower

I am so excited to share this post with you! My dear older sister Lisa is getting ready to have her first baby! Yay! I am hoping for a girl! My other sister and I had the privilege of throwing the shower. Well since my sisters do not live in town I am so grateful for Pinterest. We were able to plan and pick out all the things we liked on there. And just text back and forth. Yay technology! 😀

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Carrot Patch Brownies

Pinterest for the Win! Well then again, maybe not. I really wanted to make these awesome looking brownies for Easter. They were supposed to look like carrots in a garden. Strawberries dressed in orange coloured white chocolate to resemble the carrots. So cute!

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Mine did not turn out quite like that. I did not have any coconut oil but I thought, what the heck do I need oil for? Well that was my mistake. I am thinking that the oil must help keep the white chocolate smooth. Because as soon as I added the Orange food color it clumped up. So maybe that is why they said add coconut oil. So my carrots are white.

My brownies after the frosting and crumbled cookies.

Nailed it! Kinda. I wish I could have figured out the food coloring to make them orange. 

Egg-Boil Challenge

Have you ever wondered the perfect way to hard boil an egg? I have. With Easter right around the corner, and my 4 year old Joy dying to dye eggs, I needed to find the best way.  I had seen some time ago that you could actually not boil a hard-boiled egg and get the same result by placing it in the oven. So I wanted to try this out. I Google searched for the answer. Lots of results. But one thing my dear old husband always says is to look for the most reviews and the highest stars. That led me to two recipes.


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